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Step 1: Click on the letter for the school your child currently attends and read it.

Thomas Fitzwater ES:

Maple Glen ES:

Step 2: please complete the online interest form UDSD Orchestra Parental Approval Form by June 7. This will ensure that your child is on my roster for next school year.

In deciding which instrument to choose, and since most people are most familiar with the violin,

here is some information about three of them.

The Viola

The Cello

The Bass

Step 3: Beginning June 6, you may order the online rental for fall delivery to school.

Please read andbefore going to

Music and Arts Online Instrument Rental

As third grade students in September 2017, children are provided the opportunity to study Orchestral instruments from the string family—violin, viola, cello, or bass—each of which the children have observed at a demonstration. In our present society, performance opportunities on stringed instruments span far beyond the classical symphonies into the areas of rock, jazz, fiddle, and pop cultures—and to undergraduate string programs at most colleges. It is quite a privilege to study a stringed instrument in UD, and thriving string groups exist in all of the UD schools through to UDHS.
The string instruments are available in fractional sizes to accommodate each child’s needs. The approximate amount based on 2016-2017 prices for an instrument rental is as follows:

Group A
Group B
Group C

School Year 10-month lease*
Initial 4.5-month lease
Necessary Learning Accessories
Total amount for school year(tax not included)
*A 10-month rental is highly recommended for a complete school year of instruction and performance at both winter and spring concerts. You may wish to start with a 4.5-month lease; however, after the initial rental period is over sometime in January, you will be charged a higher monthly rental fee. The book, CD, DVD, and music stand are yours to keep.
The commitment to studying a stringed instrument consists of the following:
  • Weekly attendance at small group lessons at a time during the school day as arranged by Mrs. Noonan with the classroom teacher. Lessons take place from September until June.
  • Regular, consistent, practice of assignments at home, for 50-75 minutes per week.
  • Weekly attendance at 7:45 AM orchestra rehearsals once a week from October –December 2017 and February –May 2018.
  • Being prepared with both instrument and music book at every lesson and orchestra rehearsal.
In order to facilitate scheduling for the fall of 2017, please indicate your interest in having your child’s participation in the string program by going to the following link: UDSD Orchestra Parental Approval Form. There will be a limited enrollment so please consider this opportunity carefully and promptly. Please complete and return the online parental approval form as soon as possible, preferably by June 7. Your child will then be measured and information concerning the rental of instruments will be sent home via paper and email. In terms of quality of the instrument, correct sizing, and maintenance considerations, renting is superior to purchasing an instrument at this point of instrumental instruction. Please feel free to phone or e-mail me if you have any questions that require additional information.
Mrs. Cyndi Noonan
Voicemail 215-643-3421 ext. 6005